Artistic statement by Ricardo Mbarkho

My art practice is fully integrated in its social context because it is the reflection of a war-ridden country called Lebanon.

The war in Lebanon has taken its toll on our lifestyle, therefore, I wanted to raise awareness to the importance of life manifested and focused years ago through my project: The Lebanese National Tabbouleh Day. It is a Holiday that I have created to gather all the Lebanese people (and friends) around a traditional dish, which is: Tabbouleh; in order to show and strengthen our attachment to life. It is an opportunity for all of us, citizens of the world. This day comes yearly, on the 1st Saturday of July. How do we celebrate this day? The idea is not necessarily to be around the biggest dish of Tabbouleh and eat it, but to be together at this specific day at the same time anywhere on earth (in Lebanon or abroad) to celebrate life.

We encourage all the Lebanese (and friends) to consider the 1st Saturday of July a holiday where all family and friends meet to honor our survival, which became a valuable quality through many years of struggling. Keep in mind that the purpose of this event is to raise awareness around the value of life as is, regardless of our origins, family, personal or social conditions.

Ricardo Mbarkho