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Ricardo Mbarkho

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Mobile : +961 3 717703
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> Twitter : ricardombarkho
> Représenté par la galerie Mark Hachem

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Ricardo Mbarkho's work stems from the vibrant scene of today's global digital art practices. Mbarkho manipulates different layers of significations by investigating multiple questions related to language, communication, creative industries, history of art as well as the visual representation within the sociopolitical sphere.

Mbarkho's images are made from texts. The artist uses the computer as a tool to mutate texts into images; the text's binary codes, those simple digits that computers use to stock information, are transposed into a unique corresponding visual. By this creative process, the shapes and colors of Mbarkho's art are constantly unveiling new facets of the initial texts. These can be pre-existing sentences chosen by Mbarkho; or these could be tailored by the artist to feed the concept and process leading to his final artwork.